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*Waves hi*

Newbie here..i'm obsessed with Eol,Curufin and Carathir!Yummy!
I can't seem tof ind any good drawings of the latter two tho and I need a couple..can anyone help me out? =)
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There's some damn fine art of all the Feanorians and a bunch of other Silm characters besides at http://gold-seven.deviantart.com/ (get the artist's permission before you use it for anything or I'll personally throw things at you); the http://www.valinor.com.br/ galleries might have a little something as well, though they have no quality control and the site is in Portuguese.
Of course i'll ask for permission-am not that dumb..thanks so much!!
Sadly, one can never be too careful in this world. In any case, you're entirely welcome.
Just popped in to say OMG JENNY DOLFEN R0XX0RS! :D
I couldn't agree more.