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One telltale sign that you spend way too much time oogling over LJ communities (not to mention certain Eldar *cough*):

I had a dream about the hug drive last night. o.o Yeah. Someone stole (I've no idea how) my password and posted as me in Noldorks....and donated 6000 hugs to Fingolfin. I believe my subconscious is trying to tell me something. *sideglance* >_>


In "honor" of this dream, put me down for 60 hugs to said Noldorin King. I was obligated to remove the last two zeros, for reason preserving reasonable sanity. :D
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Hehe, but he's just that sort of guy isn't he. Evoking such burning passion...
Ahahahaha, yes. >_>
*dies and is dead*

*goes to add the hugs*
Double-posting to add that you're already down for 50 to 'golfin. That makes 110, which I do believe is a record for donations from a single fan to a single elf.
Darn. I'd better donate a few more hugs to my favourite red-haired Feanorian then... *g*
That goes for me as well. 70 more to Maedhros!
I've had dreams about him before.
Just let me know how many.
Forty-two. *g*
Right then. *adds*
W00t! *waves Me flag* :3