Rosalie (furrybanana) wrote in noldorks,

A little bit of Noldorkishness

"I don't suffer from Noldorkishness - I enjoy every minute of it."

I know - cliche alert, but what the hey. I'm a 17 year old Australian, fantasy/sci fi fan, and I am most definetely a Noldork. I'm fairly new to LiveJournal, and this is the first community I've joined.

I would much love to donate 100 huggles each to my two current favourite elfies - Fingon and Maedhros, and 50 huggles to Fingolfin - just for the hell of it.
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Yay for Fingon and Maedhros! *g*
*smiles* Welcome!
hello. :)

Hi. :D
Welcome! And the hugs have been added to the list - would you believe you're the only one to hug Fingon so far? Poor elfie.
O_o Honestly? Then put me down for 45. !!! :O
Done and done.
What!?! I thought Fingon was more popular than that!
You'd think, but no, Maedhros has been sucking up all the hugs.