Doltaghey House (doltaghey) wrote in noldorks,
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wanders in...

um, yes, hello, just found this community today. I'm not at all ashamed to confess to being a shameless Noldor fan, and of Russandol... er... Maedhros... in particular. >.>

*donates 20 hugs to Maedhros for being adorable, and 20 to Mahtan for being not so bad after all*

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And hello!

and 20 to Mahtan for being not so bad after all
He wasn't ever really bad, was he, now?

Redheads rule.

< /incredibly lame >

Hi there! Welcome! (And more fellow Maedhros fans = Good Thing. So say I.)

*ducks over to the hug drive to add to the tally*
Hehe, copper top is the best, no? =D
yaaay!!!! Maedhros fan!!!!! *dances* welcome!