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We're looking for some Noldor characters at our RPG! Nerdanel, Fingolfin, Aredhel, Turgon, Fingon, Celegorm, Amrod, Amras, Curufin, Maglor, Maedhros and more!

Format: GreatestJournal & AIM roleplaying.

Genre: Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, Silm. This is a book-based RPG that is set in the fourth age, following the War of the Ring.

Name & website: Untold Tales.

Contact: Snipe & Umbrae

Please view the Rules, Journals, & Application Process.

Deadline: N.A., open-ended.

Once your application is accepted you would gain access to your character's journal - which already has access to all the communities. We use journals for some forms of rp interaction as well as to convey a character's personal thoughts and feelings, but most of the interaction takes place on AIM so you will need to have access to that.

Auditions are required in order to pick up a character and you can find out more about that by checking out the website or contacting one of the mods. Book-verse knowledge is a prerequisite for your character's back-history, but we are always available to answer any questions which may arise.

Original Characters ARE welcome here, but only after a canon character is submitted and accepted. There is a trial period of two weeks, to see if a mun will get a feel for the game and be able to interact with other characters. This is a democratic RPG so you will ALWAYS have a say in the goings on of the game. Everyone's voice matters and you will have a part in daily goings on, as well as what direction the game will eventually head in. We always welcome mun input on plots and developments. If you want to explore Middle Earth as a character writer, this is the rpg for you!

Most wanted characters:

- Arwen
- Bergil
- Elrond
- Grima
- Haldir
- Lothiriel
- Merry
- Samwise
- Aragorn

- Amras
- Amrod
- Amrothos
- Aragorn*
- Aredhel
- Arwen
- Beren
- Birgil
- Celebrian
- Celegorm
- Curufin
- Daeron
- Denethor
- Eärwen
- Elladan
- Elfhild
- Elphir
- Elrond*
- Elured
- Erchirion
- Fingolfin
- Fingon
- Finrod
- Gilraen
- Gimli*
- Grima
- Halbarad
- Haldir
- Haleth
- Hurin
- Idril
- Imrahil*
- Lothiriel
- Maglor
- Merry*
- Nerdanel
- Rosie Cotton
- Samwise*
- Saruman
- Thranduil
- Theoden*
- Treebeard

Note: There are no Wraiths available in this game. All characters marked with a * are those who need to participate more often than other characters and/or are the most essential to overall plotline formulation.

Even more characters are available, please look HERE for further listings.
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