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This is a community for those who are hopelessly obsessed with the Noldor, so much so that they have become Noldorks like us.

Some quick guidelines:

1. Be courteous—no flaming. If you flame, you will be banned (or slain?).

2. Introductions are permissible as long as you are posting about something else as well. Spamming the community with introductions gets us nowhere.

3. Posts should somehow relate to the Noldor or to Tolkien. In other words, no off-topic posts.

4. Poems and artwork are encouraged, but pictures must be behind lj-cuts. As for fanfiction, we are not a fanfiction community—there are other places for that.

5. If you are promoting a community or website it must be Tolkien-related, otherwise the post will be deleted. Also please put promotions behind lj-cuts, or they too will be deleted. We don’t like being spammed with promotions either.

6. Please participate! If no one posts it won’t be much of a community, no? So come on and share your Noldorkiness with us.

Yes indeed, we are huge Noldorks. And here, that’s a good thing.

Moderated by 22by7 and orsa who will gladly listen to your comments and suggestions.